Please be advised that here at 'Camtoe Persians' all our cats and kittens are groomed/handled, loved and talked to daily as well as have a radio or TV playing in the background.  They are not alone as they are homed with other cats/kittens and all are used to the normal sounds, smells and movements of everyday home life.

They are however, unused to children and dogs as there are none here therefore; we request that you respect our policies or a sale will be denied. 




Camtoe Persians do have outside pens and runs which offer as standard:


  • Securely locked homes for security and safety  
  • Removable front and side Perspex covers (fronts removed season depending)
  • Heated with thermostatic safety tubes for those chilly/cold times
  • Ample shelving, tables and rests
  • Comfortable beds and bedding
  • Inner house windows and cat flaps
  • Litter trays/bins
  • Cleaned daily


Camtoe’s family home is also a place where cats and kittens are able to thrive. 

Kittening females are brought in some time before they kitten down and are given ample space to rest and move around freely.  

The only time cats or kittens are segregated is when a new member joins from outside of Camtoe Persians - this is standard to make sure all is well with the new one before mixing with the others.





A lot of time, money, energy and love goes into looking after Camtoe’s cats and kittens so they remain happy and healthy at all times

Their wellbeing is our priority and this can be seen by anyone viewing our cats and kittens as well as the many thank you cards and phone calls we receive once they have settled in to their new forever home






Buying advice

Be wary when looking for a cat or kitten on the internet or other media. 

Do some research if possible before you hand over your hard earned cash.  

Check out their website if they have one and give them a call if you want more information.  

Go and see the cat/kitten that you are seriously interested in and ask questions - the person selling should be happy to answer them.  


It's becoming more common to see Persian cats mix bred; as a result the Persian pedigree will no longer be pure for that line.  Adverts selling mix breed cats/kittens can be found easily on websites such as pets4homes and often they are being sold at a high price with no registered status or official papers and often they are not vet checked or vaccinated with flu and enteritis before going to the new home. 

Many are also being homed too early which is against the recommended suggestion of 13 weeks.  



How to care for all breeds of cat can be found within the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) website under GCCF codes of ethics and (care needs) of which Camtoe Persians is a registered breeder and has been since 1989. 

Also being seen more frequently in adverts are remarks about the quality of the love and care some owners offer their cats in a bid to outdo registered breeders.  One pet owner states  "no cages or back garden sheds here" along with "raised in the family home [...] so they will be used to sounds, smells and movement".