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Camtoe Persians has been breeding Pedigree Persian cats since 1989 and obtained the prefix of Camtoe persians in 1990

Suzie was our first kitten whom we lovingly named 'Suzie babe where are you?'

Sadly at a young age she became ill due to getting leukaemia and under the advise of the vetinary surgeon we had to let her go.


Although this was such a sad loss we wanted to continue and so along came 'Tiggy'.  All was going well with our new venture and so Camtoe Persians was becoming known amongst persian breeders via the GCCF and the persian cat breeding community. 








We take this hobby seriously in that we care wholeheartedly for all of our animals, giving them everything they need including nurture, love and a healthy diet  to keep them in tip top condition


We must add at this point that the Persian breed of cats can be prone to the inherited kidney disease PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease).  My first encounter of PKD was way back in 2001 with my first stud boy.  He was suffering from Kidney failure due to the disease and there was nothing I could do about it. therefore, I had to let him go.  


After his death I took the time to find out as much as I could about the disease and had all of my stock tested.  This was rife at the time and as such many breeders lost some otherwise beautiful healthy animals.   


All of Camtoe Persians adults and kittens are PKD negative and that is the way we want to keep things.  We are proud of what we have and what we are able to offer and that is quality not quantity. 


Please click to learn more about PKD 

"Happy, Healthy and Loved"


Caring for any pet is expensive especially in todays society.  

Here at Camtoe Persians all of our cats and kittens are given the 'A1' treatment which requires a comprehensive food bill and as we take vet checks and vaccinations seriously, they too eat at the pennies.  Heating the pens in the colder months adds significantly to the heating bill and cleaning products and litter dont come cheap.