Please may we ask that you respect Camtoe Persians policies in that:


  • none of our adults or kittens go outside
  • nor go to homes with young children or that have dogs.  


They simply are not used to them and could cause them anxiety and interrupt their natural fun loving nature.  

  • All of our adults and kittens are PKD negative

  • All parents and kittens are registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF)

  • All kittens are fully vaccinated with 'Flu and Enteritis' 

  • All kittens are health checked 

  • All kittens are microchipped

  • All kittens are wormed 

  • All kittens are fully litter trained

  • All kittens come with 4 weeks free insurance

  • All kittens are able to leave at 13 weeks 
  • All kittens leave with a goody bag including a pouch of the existing food they are used to
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Terms and conditions

Not only do we want you to be sure your choosing the right kitten or adult for you, but that we feel they are going to the right home for them, so there will be a few initial questions for you to answer. 


We also like to meet respective owners before rehoming one of Camtoe's persians and at the same time you learn about what they are like and what they are used to. 


A non-returnable refund will be required to secure one of our cats or kittens.  

Sadly this policy was introduced purely due to the many timewasters that we have had over the years.  


Our apologies if this offends but hope that you appreciate our reasons.